create a brand that makes an impact in the world.

You have something incredible to share with the world. Let’s birth it.


Legendary brands are bold and stand out online. They are fearless and swoon worthy. They command attention. They draw people in and make your big idea a show stopping piece. Here’s the truth. You can DIY the hell out of it, or you can spend your time doing what you are good at. Being legendary.

Are you ready to birth your big idea into the world, but it’s kind of a hot mess? That’s where we come in. Your big idea needs to be set apart and make a lasting impression. This isn’t for everyone. Branding sets you a part and you aren’t wanting to just slap something together. You want your brand to become a legend.

let’s create that brand boss!




Main Logo Design (Long Format and Square)
Secondary Social Media Logo (Corner Graphic and Patterns)
Branding Guide
Branded Social Media Headers
One 60 Min Consultation
Development of Brand Foundations
Ongoing communication during entire project
Unique Color Guide
Perfectly Paired Typography
Free Compliments and Virtual Glitter

Brand Guides Start at $750


The Girl Crush Alliance

For the Boss who knows that social media matters and is ready for the next level.

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Social media is a fast moving world and you need the upper hand. Luckily a few simple tweaks can make your life a hell of a lot easier AND give you that stand out presentation you are craving.


A branding audit is a 60 minute consultation where we dive into your ENTIRE brand. You'll walk away with a comprehensive plan, action items and totally awe inspiring awareness of how much fun branding, your message and social media can be.


  • Development of brand pillars. Know what to say, how to say and how to just be you, while still delivering an amazing message. This practice will blow your mind.

  • Outline of your new branding board. Sometimes I hear...what the hell is a branding board? It's the basics that make you stand outline. Like colors and your overall brand feel, but elevated to boss status.

  • A content execution strategy. How to maximize your online content to make it feel like a party every single day. Together we will develop a weekly content strategy that you can repeat!

  • Open Q +A. Of course I'll answer all the questions you can possibly come up with in regards to executing a strong brand online.

Glitter may or may not be included.

Branding Boss Audit $250


Check out some of these branding bosses!

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Logos designed by our in-house graphic artist Celeste Campbell. Learn more Celeste here!