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Legendary brands are bold and stand out online. They are fearless and swoon worthy. They command attention. They draw people in and make your big idea a show stopping piece. Here’s the truth. You can DIY the hell out of it, or you can spend your time doing what you are good at. Being legendary.

Are you ready to birth your big idea into the world, but it’s kind of a hot mess? That’s where we come in. Your big idea needs to be set apart and make a lasting impression. This isn’t for everyone. Branding sets you a part and you aren’t wanting to just slap something together. You want your brand to become a legend.




Main Logo Design (Long Format and Square)
Secondary Social Media Logo (Corner Graphic and Patterns)
Branding Guide
Branded Social Media Headers
One 60 Min Consultation
Development of Brand Foundations
Ongoing communication during entire project
Unique Color Guide
Perfectly Paired Typography
Free Compliments and Virtual Glitter


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Working with Samantha Parker has been such an amazing experience. I had a rebranding package with her and it became so much more than just the rebrand. When we first spoke I had an idea for what I wanted my brand to look and feel like but was unable to express what I really wanted. I was all over the place. Not only did Samantha talk me through finding that right feel, but she also gave me some amazing tips to create killer content that my clients want to see. And all of this in one video chat session.

Then, I got a message from her team with some sketches for what she was thinking for my logo. My jaw dropped, they were perfect. I found one that I just fell in love with and they got to working their magic. She sent me a graphic mockup and I just about cried. It was perfect. After spending money on so many graphic artists and logo design companies, I was just handed this perfect image of what I saw representing my brand.

Now I have an amazing logo and branding that will help me make a consistent look and feel. And it is authentically me! It’s not something that I just settled for and didn’t love. It’s a branding feel that truly screams my name from the top of the mountain. Thank you so much Sam and Team! I’m so impressed and look forward to creating content that matches this amazingness!
— Jennifer Dragonette

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