Three things to improve your day, LIKE RIGHT NOW!

When was the last time someone asked you how you were and you put on your super brave smile and said you were okay?

You don't have to just say you're okay babe. You're allowed to feel all the feels. You're allowed to say exactly how you feel - even when it makes someone else feel uncomfortable.

None of us should ever hide how we're feeling and put on that act of "my life is fine". With so much happening around us in the world, it is 100% okay to be TOTALLY UN-OKAY right now.

When we struggle it out alone, we can feel so lost and lonely and like we're an epic AF failure.

Guess what? WE'RE NOT! We're still awesome AF - we're just needing some time and space to give our mind and body the time we need. Saying you need that time for you is never something to be ashamed of!

Just because you have depression, anxiety or feel like you're on a mental health rollercoaster is something that we need to be capable of forgiving ourselves for. So with that, I want you to try these THREE things right now, to instantly help your mood and your mental health.

1. Change your surroundings!

No I don't mean you have to pick up and move to the Bahamas, just get out of the current location you are in. I've cried so hard locked in the bathroom before, I thought I was going to puke. It took a brave bold move to walk out, but I did it! And it instantly felt better. 

On a smaller scale, try looking out the window and just watching nature. Go for a drive, move into the other room, change your clothes. Just make a simple energy shift by switching up your surroundings. 

2. Sweat it out!

This is the game changer. I see this one all the time. I also happen to be a recovering addict of the self shame game! Girl, if you feel trapped as f*ck, are busy spending all this time hating you, it gives you massive anxiety! Sweat that right on out. 

If you are jumping back in the sweat game, just start with a walk! Then move up from there. Find ANYTHING you love and just get sweating. Your body is the reason you are here, so give it a big hug. It misses all your love and needs attention too. 

3. Talk with friends or journal with yourself!

If you have a good friend to talk to, and not one who just tells you what to do, then talk it out. Simply saying it out loud does wonders for your soul. Keeping it all trapped inside, turns us into crazy people. Literally...

If a safe friend isn't on hand, write it all out. If it's something that needs an action plan, make one! Either way it's out of your head! 

Still need a hand?! I've got an epic download that can transform all of your days! 

I actually used and created the Be Your Own Girl Crush 30 Day Guide just for moments like this. When you want to take HUGE leaps and MAJOR changes when it comes to loving your life even more than you do now.


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