Three Easy Ways to BE YOUR OWN GIRL CRUSH!

Being your own girl crush sounds super great, but where do you actually start?

Loving yourself does matter.  Did you know loving yourself more can ACTUALLY lead to :

  • More happiness!
  • Meeting your health goals!
  • Ending procrastination!
  • Increasing your mental health!
  • Helping you communicate with others!
  • Alleviating anxiety!
  • AND Make you feel WAY more comfortable!

What else would you add to the list?

Practicing radical self love completely changed my life. I know it can change yours too! Here are three easy ways to identify what is making you feel like shiz and swapping it out for feeling AHHHMAZZZING! 

Becoming your own girl crush isn't rocket science...but you might be making it out to be. Addressing the things in our lives that aren't all glitz and glam kind of blows in the short run (is that a thing...who f*cking knows?). However, it pays off in lots of glitter universe points over time.

Patient AF! Here's three things you can do to let go of the BS and start loving YOU a whole lot more!

#1- Identifying- What is holding you back?
If you are full of self doubt, low self confidence and you have all these insecurities...they are ultimately blocking you from living your VERY best version of you! So figure out why you are settling....

#2- Forgiveness- Just forgive yourself already! Past you was doing the best job she (or he) knew how! Plus do you really want to be that person anymore OR do you really want to hop back x amount of years? NADA!

#3- Permission- Give yourself the gift of PERMISSION! Dream bigger! Be bold! Go in scared...whatever! Just do something about it already.

The magic comes when we keep dreaming bigger, seek out our wildest adventure and claim the true life and self love vibration we know that we are meant to live!

Cheers to loving you! 

xo- Samantha 


Before you go, click on the image below to watch the video I recorded that goes into this in more detail!


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