How to love your mornings WAY more! In just three easy steps!

I get it, that snooze button is life! However, have you ever noticed that some people really enjoy their mornings? Like they really, really, really enjoy them? Do you kind of hate them? Cool, because that's me. I'm that person who realllllly loves their mornings. 

But it took a hot minute to get here. It took a lot of rushed mornings, stressed screaming at my kids because somehow they had made us late, before I finally had enough of that bullshit. 

So I set out on a hell bent mission to change it. If I was truly focused on aligning towards a life I love, then why wouldn't I figure out what makes me SUPER freaking pumped to get up in the mornings? DUH...I know!

Okay my fellow girl crush. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. MY TOP THREE THINGS THAT SERIOUSLY HELPED ME CRUSH MY MORNINGS!

#1- Find something worth getting up for. AKA I tried all the things until something stuck. For me it was spin class. But I get that won't light everyone's get your ass up fire. So seriously the best tip I can give you, just find something you love, that pushes you up a little earlier, and commit to it. 

Search your local area for new fitness classes, new areas to explore, new anything. Then go out and try them. When you find what you love, commit to it. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! See the key here is commit. 

#2- Embrace your own version of god. What spiritually inspires you? Is it meditation, prayer, naked hula dancing or you decide? This goes back to trying all the things until something pings you in your soul! When you know who you are and where you are going, your mornings are a freaking breeze. 

Incorporate your version of spiritual devotion into your mornings! Each morning I set aside time to meditate, journal and pray. I ask god to assist me on my day and I always ask to be shown a miracle. As long as I stay alert, I always see that miracle!

This doesn't have to be a time sucker. You can tell the universe what you want while you walk the dog, scrub your ass or make breakfast. Don't make it hard, just wiggle some room into your life. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR WHOLE VIBE!

#3- Make a half ass plan. I'd say a full plan, but for enjoying your mornings, just a half ass plan is all you need. WHY? Because some days you aren't going to f*cking feel like it. That's why! 

Somedays my body is sore from pushing hard and I do really need to rest. Sometimes I'm not hungry and sometimes I have to make a breakfast spread because I might be starving. 

Somedays an emergency pops up OR I get an invite to try something new! I know that I have a basic outline for what I love and stick with it, but if it doesn't fit in with what's happening on that ONE specific day, I just slide around and adjust. 

Take some of that pressure off yourself! Everyday isn't going to be perfect. BUT you can decide how your mornings go and you can in turn find what you love. 

The world is always changing around us and there's not a lot we can control, but we can control how we feel about the day.'s one last ninja lady bonus tip for you! Everyday I take a few minutes and map out what is happening that day. I know when I can see what's laid in front of me, things flow and I'm not caught off guard. Plus a few other tricks and tips that you can only find inside my BE YOUR OWN GIRL CRUSH GUIDE. 

I promise if you give me 30 days of commitment, you'll see some massive changes in your life. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! 

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