BE YOUR OWN GIRL! It's a new way of life


While it's a great concept, it's far from how I see the world today. All around me I meet these incredible and epic women, who are brave as hell! They start amazing businesses, they leave a crappy situation or they just are doing them. However, they are often filled with so much self doubt and pain. It's hard for me to even believe it! So it leads me to the question of...

Why is it hard for us to love ourselves?

For starters, this world has been conditioning us from day one to hate our own reflections. From TV commercials about white teeth to super models drinking sodas, we are constantly being hit with "improvements". 

The need to improve our appearances, the clothes we wear, our cars, the homes we live in and even our own families. It's being thrown at you a million miles an hour. Eat this and you'll finally be happy. Spend this money and you'll be happy. Make more money and then you'll be happy. Change your hair, that will definitely make you finally feel good. 

But who is all of this really for? Tough answer isn't it? It's to line someone else's pockets or make them feel better because you feel crap-tastic....OR who is it really for?

This is exactly what I am setting out to do. To change our reflections of what happy really is and start finally loving us, just the way we are. To learn to deeply forgive ourselves while sharing that forgiveness with others. 

To truly impact the world, we must deeply and unconditionally impact our own lives. We want change, but it really starts with us. Our core belief structure must be rewritten and it's time we lean into what we WANT in our life. Not what a corporation or societal structure is trying to tell us. 

It's up to you to love the life you are living. 

It's up to you to decide you want all areas of your life to feel good and know that you are a freaking ten! Because you are. You are made of stardust and we all have the same beating threads of life pulsing through our veins. We are all one and we all came from the same source. 

What if we flipped the script on the world and decided to enjoy and love things just as they are? What if we stopped trying to find those upgrades outside of us and just found them sitting right inside our own hearts? Imagine what that world would look like?

It's time for us all to step into this new way of being. Where we stop comparing  ourselves to our fellow sisters and we start empowering each other. 

How? Through radical self love and forgiveness. How much easier is it to love those around you, when you fully love yourself? 


You deserve this and we all deserve this. It's time to match love with love. 

And that's where the BE YOUR OWN GIRL CRUSH shop started from. A place of wanting to help those around me see that they too, had amazing things happening in their own life. Where they didn't pick up the gram and wish they looked or felt different. 

This is a space where you can pick up a tee, put it on and feel really good inside. Knowing you are a part of something even bigger. This is the space where you can find resources to help you live your best life yet. This is THE space where you can find ladies like you. Who are just here to love a little more and feel a little more GIRL CRUSH through out our days here on this beautiful planet!

xo- Samantha 


PS: You can watch the video that explains all of this too! All you need to do is click on the image below!


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