Writing Instagram Captions That Don't Suck!

Aug 02, 2021


I get it. You sit down to write some mind blowing content and then it's like tumble weeds rolling through the desert...

HERE'S A QUICK HACK TO WRITING INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS that your audience actually connects with. 

This isn't your basic tip that, this is a very strategic way to connect with your audience, show off those badass skills you have AND move your business forward.

If you don't know what to write there's an easy ANSWER...it's because you haven't connected to your audience yet. I teach this method in my content masterminds AND I use it for my own business. 

It works every single time AND is super helpful when it comes to narrowing in on what your audience ACTUALLY needs to hear from you. Here's the mind blowing secret...

LISTEN!!! But with clear intentions. 

Seriously. Whenever my clients OR even myself, gets stuck on what to say...I know it's time to get listening. Here's how I make it super strategic:

1. Set up 3-5 interviews. Make sure you are strategic about it and set up interviews with people who you know could use your products/services. Everyone knows someone who they could help.

2. Create intentional questions. Have a list of 5-7 questions ready to go. Make sure they are specific to what you offer. Ask your potential buyers why they struggle with (insert here). What would change if they had (your product). If you get stuck here pop over to Instagram and send me DM @thesamanthaparker!

3. Listen to their responses. Make specific notes about key phrases and exactly what their struggles are...that is YOUR content gold pieces. 

I recently began building a new program. I honestly thought that everyone's struggle was time...during my interviews, I learned it actually came down to confidence. We don't always know what we think we know. 

4. Create content your audience actually needs. You have your answers. Now start brainstorming out that amazing content...GO!

5. You might get stuck. I know that you are an expert at exactly what you do and that might NOT be content writing. SO take a short cut with me. When you know what your audience wants to hear, you can easily drop it into CAPTION TEMPLATES. 

I've wrote thousands of social media posts and so I can say I'm a pro. That's why I created my SLAYS. 25 done for you Instagram caption templates AND 50 Instagram story prompts. 


Saving you hours of time and doing more of what makes you a BOSS! Learn more below.