Organizing Your Biz (AND LIFE) Like a Boss

instagram social media trello Jul 11, 2021

Repeat after me, "organization will set you free."

I used to think this was vodka…but that doesn’t really help anyone. LOL…ready for a mega adult lesson?!

As a butt-kicking bossbabe entrepreneur and queen-of-all-you-survey, you know that a business involves a LOT of moving parts. Marketing, sales, technology... the list seems endless, and that's not even including the work you do with your clients!

Keeping all the day-to-day tasks and decisions clear is often a full time job in and of itself. Once you gain some success and start building a team, the number of tasks and decisions only increases.

So how do you keep the train rolling along the tracks every day without losing your mind? I've got two words for you: project management.

Project management has come a long away from the old days of post-it notes on a whiteboard. Nowadays there are software solutions that can help you manage businesses of any size.

When my business began to ramp up, I realized that I needed project management software to manage my awesome team and the amazing work we were doing. To that end, I found Trello, and I've found it to be great for organizing my team. 


Basically, Trello is an online corkboard. You use it to organize “cards” into lists — those cards can be tasks, notes, projects, shared files, or anything else that helps your team work together. It’s based on the idea of being able to see an entire project's parts at a glance, and then moving pieces around as required.

(Imagine a General overlooking a huge map with little pieces representing planes, tanks and troops and you'll understand what I mean.)

This post is not meant to be an exhaustive guide on using Trello - there are lots of them online and they're fabulous. I want to highlight a few tips for using Trello, whether you're new to it or a veteran.

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If you're like a lot of entrepreneurs, you probably have information saved in spreadsheets or other documents. Instead of starting from scratch, you can create a new card and then copy and paste cells from your spreadsheet. Trello will automatically turn all of those list items into new cards, so you have a good starting point. From there you can reorganize as required.


When it comes to managing a team, no matter how awesome they are, it’s important to make expectations clear. Assign due dates to all items you add to Trello to keep projects on track. That seems like an obvious point, but it's a very easy thing to forget when creating lists and cards. Also, Trello allows you to assign a due date and an owner of the task, which then notifies the owner as items are due. 


Remember the 1960's "Batman" TV series, where everything in the Batcave was labelled (Bat-Computer, Bat-Poles, Bat-Analyzer, etc.)? It may have seemed silly (and a little OCD), but it turns out the Caped Crusader was on to something. In Trello, labels add color coordination to your cards, allowing you to sort cards within the same list. So not only do you have a text title, but also a color code as well - particularly helpful when you have similarly named tasks.


Some of your projects are probably a bit more important or frequently used than others. Instead of sifting through your boards every time you need to get to one of these, star those that you want to access right away. Then you’ll be able to see them right at the top of the page and save yourself tons of time.


One of the major advantages of Trello is its ability to save time. To really get the most out of that advantage, the tool offers a wide array of keyboard shortcuts for various functions. Trello offers a handy infographic to help you learn these shortcuts and keep them top of mind as you and your team use the tool.


Trello also allows you to connect with third-party apps and tools, which it calls power-ups. Just like SuperMario and his mushrooms, these power-ups can supercharge you and your team's effectiveness. They help you add extra features or import your information from the other tools and services your business uses.

Trello is a powerful tool for organizing your fast-growing business! The initial, "personal" version of Trello is free to use, which can be upgraded with new features through paid versions once your teams grows big enough to need them. 

At the start, I said that "organization will set you free" and I meant it! As your business grows, the number of tasks, projects, and decisions that need to be made increases as well. You and your team will need the best tools to keep things moving smoothly. These Trello power moves will make you a total OG (organizational gangster)!

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