How to have WAY more fun in your online marketing!

Marketing is way more fun when you are actually having fun. We get super caught up in what we think we should be doing that we totally end up sucking our own voice and soul out of it.

This week the entire The Samantha Parker team is pitching in to tell you how you can have way more fun with your marketing.

Marketing is way more fun when you are actually having fun. We get super caught up in what we think we should be doing that we totally end up sucking our own voice and soul out of it. Here are some fun steps to get you started!

Make Marketing More Fun (+ Memorable, Which = Profitable)


Marketing is way more fun when you are actually having fun. We get super caught up in what we think we should be doing that we totally end up sucking our own voice and soul out of it. If you like to your way into the day. If you like to talk about cats or cups or more of that.

Sit down and ask yourself this ….

1- How can I bring more of what I love into my online and in-person presence? ** I literally hand out glitter in person and at events ** I talk about glitter all over the place. It brings me joy and so it's part of my marketing.

2- What is something I've always wanted to do in my business but I've been too afraid to do it? ** I want to throw fun parties for my in person network, but I was afraid people would think I was dumb...guess who has a party planned? ME!** What would be super fun for you to do, even though people might think you are nuts? You are the owner of your energy and the more fun you are having the more people want to be a part of it.

3- How can I generate a buzz through my excitement? Your excitement is contagious. Get pumped up and share that with your audience. What are you super excited to share? **I'm super excited to share with you this fun new plan to do giveaways and drop killer excitement is generating a buzz**

Great! Now that you’ve pondered those questions, here are two easy things you can do today to create some buzz online. These are easy to implement tips and come straight from Marketing Director, Melanie Baxendale with 15 years experience:

Let’s face it - you either love to do marketing or you hate it. Very rarely have I seen someone who is in the grey area of “I kinda like to do it”. But whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to do it. Of course, hiring someone like us is the dream (insert star emoji) but often times you have to do it on your own. This week at The Samantha Parker, we are teaching you how to throw a little more glitter in your mix and make the marketing that you do more fun. So let’s begin.

Idea #1: Make It Funny

Of all the Super Bowl ads you remember, do you recall the lame cell phone company who is trying to tell you about some phone plan, or do you remember the baby with that creepy fake mouth cracking jokes about stock trading? If you are like me and just about everyone else on planet earth - you remember the funny one. Marketing is easy to make funny, but it has to be in proper taste and understandable to the masses.

When you think of #hashtags, you usually think of that huge digital catalog out in the air somewhere that categorizes your posts. But throw a funny one in there sometimes, depending on your caption and/or photo. Think of something creative. This isn’t “for real” - people aren’t going to find you from it, but instead make that person who read to the end of your post chuckle. Try it out.

Create a Vine. Yep, I said it. A 6-second, guy hitting the pool in full-belly flop mode with some nifty caption pertaining to you or your business video. This can make that numb-scroller stop… and maybe laugh. It can make that website visitor chuckle before he views your price list. It can make your business look like you do have a little fun, even if all you do is crunch numbers all day, er-day.

Idea #2: Break Out-side (Literally)

In Texas, where I live part-time, there is a plethora of murals on buildings. My neighborhood is #instafamous for the brightly-colored, photo-ready backdrops. Have you taken a stroll through your neighborhood or a nearby town lately? What about a local bakery with neon lights, a coffee house with an incredible floor pattern, or an old building with some 20th Century flare? If you haven’t, trust me, you should. Murals are fun, they say something different than your norm, and can easily be tagged and fed well through the ‘gram.

Idea #3 Props, Glitter, and Creativity

If you know our brand, you know we love glitter. Hell, Samantha requires our desks are covered in glitter or we don’t get a paycheck (I’m kidding - kind of… laughing emoji). But for real, you know her for love of glitter. You probably also associate her with her branding shoot of unicorns, anything pink, rainbows and fun props. Guys, let’s be real. This is fun. You don’t have to love glitter or pink, or be so “out of the box” to be fun. Maybe you like plants and your office could be declared a jungle - use that to make people feel comfortable with you. Maybe you like coffee and can’t live without 5-10 cups a day of it - so use it in your next branding shoot. Maybe you are a huge yogi and you want everyone to understand inner peace that deals with your business - mix it in. Maybe you are known for wearing vintage hats to your client meetings - show it off, girl. It doesn’t have to be out-of-the-box, but it needs to be memorable. Read that again. Memorable.

Next time you plan your content or do an update of your website or branding, have some fun. I promise it won’t steer you wrong. XO Melanie

Copy of more fun (2).png

But how can I have more fun in my business? How does having fun actually matter?

Well it creates raving freaking fans....


I (Samantha) go to spin class about five days a week. I really love spin. It's my happy sweat place. However...I'm also a raving fan. I even handout free passes all over the place. I talk about it non-stop and promote their classes as much as I can. I don't benefit from this, except that I genuinely want people to join me. That's what raving fans do.

So what made me a raving fan?

The FUN factor. Spin class is only so fun at 5:45 am. It's even more fun when they throw themed days. Like Cinco de Mayo and they are sharing energy "shots". Or a Friday night glow party with live DJ. Yes, I was there.

The owner thinks outside of the box. Can you guess how many photos I shared online at glow night...TONS!!!! When everyone else is thinking super serious and trying to do what everyone else does...pull out your own creativity and just have some fun!

How can you create your own raving fans by having lots of fun? Tell us below!

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