What the Hashtag?

hashtags instagram Jul 01, 2021

 Girl, stop the presses! What do you mean you aren't using hashtags?


Hashtags are like tiny little word ninjas that go out into the digital space and connect you with people + ideas that actually have the same vibes you do. They are basically the SEO of the gram.

My point, they are helpful AF to your reach, connection and growth.

They shoutout a big "HEY, I'M HERE" signal!

There is a super easy way to find really good hashtags that help your account grow. Here's a few things to always keep in mind when picking out your HASHTAGS:

  • Use keywords
  • Stay away from over-used hashtags
  • Search your competition 
  • Pick a couple of local ones
  • You get 30
  • Avoid BANNED hashtags
  • Use different sets
  • Test them out

When picking out your hashtags, shoot for creating at least 5 sets. You can base those sets on things like specific offers, time or topic specific! 

Just to make things ultra easy and clear to understand, I created a video tutorial and hashtag guide just for you. Click below for instant and FREE access. 

 You know hashtags give you a HUGE reach on Instagram! This easy guide will give you an insider way to create hashtag sets that reach your ideal clients + customers! Making your reach on Instagram easier than ever!

Once you've used your sets for a month...don't forget to check in on them and see how they are doing. Just click your insights on various posts and look at that hashtag reach!