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You can call Rosella LaFevre the Long-Haul Master because creating life experiences that stand the test of time. As a Manifestation Teacher, she shows others how to create long-term experiences like her own 8+ years of soulmate love, 5+ years of freedom from emotional abuse, and 4+ years of Penthouse living. Her signature course, Long-Haul Mastery, walks students through her 5-step manifesting process. She’s been featured on Huffington Post, Sivana East, and The Positivity Boss Podcast, among others. Rosella lives with her boyfriend Chris and their cat Tootsie in a Penthouse apartment overlooking Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park.
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What is your most awesome girl crush moment? That moment when you looked at yourself in the mirror and said, "damn, I'm really doing this"!

“The awesome girl crush moment that comes to mind, that had the biggest impact on my life even though it's not directly connected to what I do now professionally... was this: Sitting in the tiny Green Line Cafe in Center City Philadelphia. I was at a communal table, enjoying an iced Mocha, with my laptop before me. I'd just read an email response from an editor at Teen Vogue (Jessica Pels, who is now the Editor-in-Chief at Cosmopolitan!). She was kindly rejecting a features pitch I'd sent her, and welcoming me to send her more pitches in the future. I felt excitement and pride. I looked up and around, a smile spread wide across my face, wanting to tell the baristas and customers who I was. A journalist on the verge of big-shot success. Here I was, the woman I'd long wanted to be. And the main reason this was such a huge moment for me was that it was the first moment on my journey where the woman I was becoming and who I was met in the same moment... and I didn't need success to prove anything or earn anything from anyone else (especially my mother). It was the first moment of success I savored and enjoyed just for ME! “.

Who is someone online that you really love following and why?

“My main girl crush for life (outside of myself) is Gwen Stefani. Since her days wearing a bikini top with silk bomber jacket to a music awards show, she's shown me that I get to be myself -- in fact, create myself -- and I don't need to fit in with anybody's rules or standards. ”

Being your own girl crush means that you recognize how amazing you are. What is one thing you did, that is totally girl crush worthy?

“Trying to pick just one... I'm not sure I can pick just one. Here are some of the biggest ones: 1) Started my own magazine while in college and we completed 4 episodes 2) Manifested the love of my life at 18, and we've been together just about 9 years 3) Went No Contact with my mother and her side of the family because I felt I was being emotionally abused and manipulated. It wasn't easy but I recognize it takes a lot of freaking strength to cut off family because they treat you life shit. it's usually easier to just keep taking the abuse, and I was strong enough to say no more! 4) Started taking on clients for social media management when I was working at a PR agency and recognized I could treat clients better than I saw them being treated 5) Left a situation where my boyfriend and I were sleeping on bed bug infested couches and moved us into a Penthouse apartment!”.

What do you see as your biggest mistake that turned into your most amazing life lesson?

“Investing in a group program/course hybrid from a place of wanting somebody to tell me what I've been doing wrong, and why my business growth hasn’t looked how I wanted it to. While in the program, my business didn't grow, and in fact, my income became even less stable than it'd been. I realized I have a history of asking others (originally, my mother) why I'm not getting what I want; I don't need to do that anymore!.”

What is one mind blowing goal you are working on right now?

“Establishing my first course, which will be my signature course on manifesting, called Long-Haul Mastery. The vision: impact millions while making millions.”

What is your definition of being your own girl crush?

“My definition of being my own girl crush... Recognizing your own strength, ingenuity, grace, love, kindness, and honoring your mistakes. Realizing, and owning that you don't get to be anyone else in life, so you might as well appreciate you.”

What's next for you?

“Growing my reach, having a bigger impact. I am very conscious of wanting to share my stories, tips, everything I know about living a better life, with more people than ever.”

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