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With a successful career in Melinda’s family business, it would have been easy to continue and gently ride into the sunset. But a combination of major life events – reviewing the future for the business, the direction of a key relationship, and a family member’s health issues - derailed those plans, leading to a reassessment of Melinda’s life as she had known it, had planned it.

Suddenly, there were new questions before Melinda. Lots of questions.

On her journey toward answers, Melinda was able to work with many thought leaders, coaches, as well as draw upon her experiences in non-profit volunteer work. Patterns and traits began to emerge, for herself, with others. As Melinda started to question herself, she found that the questions often brought great comfort and understanding. It is Melinda’s observations that became Finding Your Coach, Diving Deep Within.

Acknowledging that often we don’t know how we have become stuck, or can’t see the way to the next place, can be the starting place of wisdom. Looking at common ways most people continue to not hear what is going on in the room, helped her to find her path, and so we can begin to engage again. In the hope that we can all find what we are looking for, Melinda also discusses the various ways to view success, beyond the limited way of financial success. More, the question for many of us is do we want success? Happiness? Both? Do we know? Have we thought about it?

In embracing the Power of the Question, Melinda found a strength to see herself, and the world, that left her feeling supported and empowered. After a life seeking answers to put the matter to rest, it turns out the questions have become Melinda’s best companions. And you? Your questions?
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What is your most awesome girl crush moment? That moment when you looked at yourself in the mirror and said, "damn, I'm really doing this"!

“During a week of interviews post conversation three accomplished people paused and gave me the sort of compliments and praise we all would like to hear. Just because it is normal or easy to you or me doesn't mean it's normal or easy to or for others. We all have a gift or two. It's time to say thank you and share them.”

Who is someone online that you really love following and why?

“This has taken me the longest time to answer and I believe I figured out why. I so respect and admire this new group of women entrepreneurs. As social media has changed the world, smart women have looked at what they want for their lives and families and created businesses and services to give them what they want, and more, help other women to find and achieve what they want. I love that we are rewriting the office, the business day, the nature of business and what an entrepreneur and business person is. ”

Being your own girl crush means that you recognize how amazing you are. What is one thing you did, that is totally girl crush worthy?

“My big story - I planned a big birthday bash at the Hollywood Bowl. With 65 people coming, the Bowl reached out to me to tell me about a contest they were having in the theme of the show. In 10 minutes I called a friend, found 3 difference costume stores and within 45 minutes had gone to all and tried them on. The night of the show, I went to the plaza, gave my best and at intermission, all the Carmen Miranda’s went to the stage. Imagine my surprise when my number was called! Yes, I won the Carmen Miranda Contest at the Hollywood Bowl.”

What do you see as your biggest mistake that turned into your most amazing life lesson?

“For years I questioned my choice to stay in the family business. In hindsight I see the lessons provided, opportunities I was able to take advantage of, and yes, trade-offs made.”

What is one mind blowing goal you are working on right now?

“Starting a discussion on success and happiness, knowing the difference, and knowing which you want?”

What is your definition of being your own girl crush?

“Recognizing the greatness each of us brings to the party. ”

What's next for you?

“I have another book under way as well as an online course & retreat in process. ”

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