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I am my own Girl Crush! Even just typing that is so empowering, I want to jump up and down. My name is Laurie Somma and I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor, a recovering addict and alcoholic, and have overcome eating disorders.
When I was 11, I attempted suicide for the first time. My teachers and basically everyone I knew wrote me off. They saw me years later and their exact words were “Oh, I thought you were dead”. I have been bullied by many people, my sister and mom included.
I could have become just another statistic but no one knew exactly how strong and resilient I truly am. That is what I am Girl Crushing on myself for the most. The fact that I can live through the hard things and still come out a warrior.
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Who is someone online that you really love following and why?

“The book “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero was the first catalyst to make things change for me. I read that book and let those words dive so deeply into my soul. Some parts were hard to read because I had to deal with parts of myself I had to change but I kept going. If you haven’t read that book, read it. But TRULY read it. ”

What is your most awesome girl crush moment? That moment when you looked at yourself in the mirror and said, "damn, I'm really doing this"!

“Years ago, I would never have thought I would love myself as unconditionally as I do right now. To feel so comfortable in my own skin. It is a beautiful place to be. A place I know I will encourage thousands and thousands women to get to.”

Being your own girl crush means that you recognize how amazing you are. What is one thing you did, that is totally girl crush worthy?

“During the abuse I was going through, drugs and alcohol helped me, or so I thought. And I dove in deep with them. We were like best friends. The biggest lesson I have ever learned is getting sober and seeing the manipulation drugs and alcohol had on me. They were not my friends. I see that now.

I always asked “Why Me?” “Why is this happening to me?” Now I know. It’s not why did it happen to me but thank you for this happening to me. I get to help women who have been through what I have been through to get to the point I am at right now. That is the most empowering thing to say and do. To heal from our past and to help others heal. Yes! That is why I am crushing on myself so hard.”

What's next for you?

“Expect to see more courses from me this year and my first book! ”

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