#GIRLCRUSH Meet Audrey Walker Blackburn

Every Girl Boss knows that her tribe is her greatest asset!

That’s exactly why Audrey Blackburn makes the list of total GIRL CRUSHES.

I’m Audrey Blackburn. I am the President of Blackburn Consulting, LLC. My background consists of over 20+ years of experience working with nonprofit and for profit accounting. I love working with women owned small businesses. We face different challenges and we bring different strengths to our businesses. I want to see my clients succeed. I want them not just to make money but to make profit, to pay themselves and to smash the goals they set for themselves.
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What is your most awesome girl crush moment? That moment when you looked at yourself in the mirror and said, "damn, I'm really doing this"!

“The first time I ever stood in front of a classroom full of people and taught a class. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a teacher. I loved teaching others but I took a different route and worked in accounting. I thought the dream of teaching was gone and then...I was asked to teach a class. I actually cried because I thought, I am getting something I have hoped for and prayed for as a little girl. I'm 44 years old and I finally get to teach! I still feel that way every time I get to stand up in front of others and speak or teach “.

Who is someone online that you really love following an why?

“Denise Duffield-Thomas, She talks the real shit about money and life. She seems authentic and then things she suggests that you try aren't the same old thing everything else is saying”.

Being your own girl crush means that you recognize how amazing you are. What is one thing you did, that is totally girl crush worthy?

“I will probably always say how I drove my car 120 mph in the pouring rain at Virginia International Raceway as I was pure badass that day and drove faster in the rain than I ever felt comfortable. It made me know my car better and appreciate what it was capable of doing”.

What do you see as your biggest mistake that turned into your most amazing life lesson?

“Walked off my good paying job with no notice. I essentially issued a burn notice on my professional life even though I really needed the money. I didn't work or do anything but be me for 5 months. My business was born out of this at the end of the 5 months. It was the best "mistake" I've ever made”.

What is one mind blowing goal you are working on right now?

Writing my first book for entrepreneurs about everything I wish someone would have told me when I started my business.

What is your definition of being your own girl crush?

Being a complete ballsy badass boss that does exactly what she wants, how she wants and accomplishes the things I think only others can do. I don't have to compete with others, I'm my own competition. I want to encourage others and build them up.

What's next for you?

Finishing this book, developing a course to go with my book and looking for speaking engagements to push me to be more seen.

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