Everyone Starts Somewhere! What My First Businesses Looked Like.

On the Girl Squad Podcast this week: Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Meet the original GIRL SQUAD member, Megan Chytraus Alvarado. Megan is the confetti connoisseur behind confettiology.com and she just happens to be Samantha's longest bff.

Listen in as Sam and Megan discuss their first business adventures and why women need each other so damn much. Megan dishes on dealing with difficult clients and how big changes in her personal life impact her.

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In this episode you will learn that sometimes life is messy and you just have to put your blinders on. Plus, how to give yourself a little grace along the way.


As the owner and designer of Confettiology, Megan thrives on the ever changing challenge of creating something new and unique for her clients.  She believes that every event should be an experience for everyone involved and should be designed using the guest of honor as inspiration and creating a masterpiece that showcases that.

A big believer that you can never know too much, Megan loves to grow her passion by learning at any opportunity. She believes that there is always room for growth as a designer, and that is what makes her job so interesting! Her dedication and zest for design in all she creates is undeniable and has been featured in both international and local publications.