Three Easy Ways to Create Scroll Stopping Social Media Content

Hey you! Yes you, the entrepreneurial babe kicking booty and taking names across the internet - and doin' it with style! I'm talking to you. 

Do you struggle with creating content? More to the point, do you struggle with creating scroll-stopping content?

That's the key isn't it? Content creation is relatively easy - brands do it all day long after all. The trouble is, most of it is bland and un-engaging. 

In other words, it's filler, and you don't want to create filler.

No, what you want to do is create content that grabs your audience's attention. But what is “attention” anyway and how does it work?

Tired or social media content that goes nowhere? Here are three easy ways to create scroll stopping content!

Attention is a subject that's been studied by marketing scientists (and scientific marketers) for years. Some aspects of attention are well understood, while others are still a mystery. What we can say for sure is that "attention" is defined as concentrated focus, and that it's affected by two key factors:

Attention has limits

Humans can't focus on something indefinitely, and we aren’t very good at multitasking. In other words, our attention has a limited capacity. Despite these limitations, we still have the capacity to pay attention to things that interest us. Long-form content (like this article for example) is still effective as long as it's interesting to the audience.

Attention is selective

Our limited attention means we have to be selective about what we focus on. Once we decide something is important enough to pay attention to, our mind has to constantly filter out all of the other distractions and background noise. If you've ever been watching TV and failed to hear someone speaking to you, you've demonstrated how the selective your attention truly is. (To be fair, it was the "Friends" series finale.)

Now that we understand attention, we can focus on the reason you came (and the reason you're still reading): three+ ways to create content that will grab your audience's attention by the shirt collar and say, "Check this out! I made this just for you!"

1. Make your content bold.

Social media is no place to be timid and demure. To stand out in the noisy world of cat videos and Keanu Reeves memes you need to speak your truth and you need to do it with confidence. Whether you're sharing your expertise or making a stand on an issue that you're passionate about, being bold will attract those who think the same way. Note that being bold doesn't necessarily mean using bright colors or lots of profanity (unless that's part of who you are... if so, go girl!) Being bold means being unapologetically YOU and never wavering, even when criticism raises its ugly head.

2. Make your content shareable.

You were taught it as a child: sharing is caring - and in the age of social media, that idea is paying off! People love to share cool posts, articles, memes and videos (more on that in a moment) with their friends. Creating content that people want to share with others spreads your message far and wide, and can even land you new business! Make your content fun and playful, even as you speak your truth - people love sharing amusing or thought provoking content. 

3. Make your content personal.

Remember that as the CEO/President/Supreme Empress Of All You Survey, you are the face of your brand. Your beliefs, likes, dislikes and personality infuses every part of your brand, and your content should do the same. There's an adage in sales: People don't buy from businesses, people buy from people. Making your content personal makes it much easier for your audience to relate to you as a person and not just as a "business entity."

Bonus: Make your content move. (Video)

Video content is dominating social media right now. Over 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook every single day... and that's just on Facebook. It's been predicted that video content will become even more popular over the next few years. Video offers a unique opportunity - the chance for your audience to hear and see you. There's something compelling about watching a video of someone speaking versus a still image or reading something they wrote. You can really pour emotion and passion into your videos, and connect with people on that level. If you haven't tried it yet, it's time you got on the video train.

Creating scroll-stopping content isn't necessarily about pretty colors or arresting graphics (though they don't hurt). It involves creating content that your audience cares about, infused with your own unique and bold personality. Get it right, and people won't scroll past your content, they'll scroll LOOKING for it.

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