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Are you tired of trying to build a business and sick of waiting for it to happen? Are you over everyone telling you “everything” you should be doing? Are you ready to build a passion-based business full of energy and cash flow? Look you don’t need another free webinar or shitty workbook.

You need clarity and you need direction.

Listen, I was there once. I was trying everything and signing up for every free or cheap option I could get my hands on. It’s like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. It works...for a millisecond.

I’ve built a successful business, an online magazine and more. My passion- Teaching people how to own a badass business that they FUCKING love. I wake up everyday and feel like I am living a dream. A really profitable and FUN dream. But this is my reality.

Two years ago I was border line suicidal and freaking hating my life. I made the leap into entrepreneurship and never looked back.

My passion gives me some incredible freedom and I want the same for you. The hustler, the hard worker, the driven women is determined to succeed and knows she will.



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A 12-week no bullshit approach into business success.


This is a long game plan. This program is to build your business long term. This is not a short term sprint.


This academy is designed to build a sustainable income producing badass business.


Course Breakdown


Week 1 - Create Strong Mindset Foundation

Your mindset is LITERALLY the most important component to having a successful business. We will start out right by teaching you the mental techniques you need as an entrepreneur. This is and always will be the foundation of your business.

Week 2 - Goals + Your Biz + $$$

Goals + Your Biz + $$$Create goals that actually work. These are not your typical fluffy goals that you write down and hope come true. These are your business that will lay the path for your cash flow. I have a unique way of addressing goals that will take your business to the next level. AND yes we are going to talk $$$. BONUS TRAINING- This week will also feature special guest expert Melissa Capps, from Able Endeavors

Week 3 - Offers + Constant Creation

Create offers that sell and swoon your audience. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve with constant creation mode.My programs and offers sell out fast. We will dive into understanding your audience and what they want.

Week 4 - Audience Growth + FB Groups

Once you have killer offers in place and know how to continuously create them, we need an audience. We will focus on techniques for growing your audience, including Facebook groups. You will become the go-to hot spot on the internet.

Week 5 - Creating Content That Sells

Content literally is queen and you need to rule it. Your content is what hooks people into taking that next step. Learn how to create captivating content that has people screaming yes. Oh and social media graphics...we will cover that too!

Week 6 - How to Promote Like a Boss

Take your promotion status to BOSS level. Stop wondering where and when. The age old secret build it and they will come...is a total lie. Learn the how, what, where and when of promotion strategies.

Week 7 - How to Use Webinars + Workshops to Establish Your Expertise 

How to Use Webinars + Workshops to Establish Your Expertise Create webinars and workshops that build your list and your community. Establish yourself as the leading go-to expert in your field. Want to be taken seriously, then it’s time to step up and show off what you can do.

Week 8 - Opt-Ins For Growth

Opt-Ins For GrowthTurn it up a notch on the growth factor and sky rocket with opt-ins. They work like a charm when you take the time to do them right. Let’s create a funnel that literally comes to you. Create opt-ins that are as badass as your business and deliver them to the right people.


Week 9 - Team Building & When to Outsource

Team building is key to taking your badass business to the next level. We will evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses. You will know exactly when it’s time to bring on team members or more team members and how to delegate. You will not get stuck in I can do it all mode and not move to the next level.

Week 10 - Collaborations

Find your perfect collaborations and learn how they can increase your growth + visibility. Effectively reach and develop the right business connections. Solo-repreneur will be burned from your vocabulary and you will learn how with the right people,you can create an empire!


Week 11 - Technology You Should Be Using

Technology hacks with a total upgrade. There are zillions of programs out there screaming buy me and use me. I’m going to personally teach you and show you which ones can eliminate stress and give your more freedom and time in your business. BONUS TRAINING- This week will also feature Kathy Rasmussen, who will teach us how to use tech to smash our to-do lists and more. 

Week 12 - How to Stay Ahead

Stay ahead of yourself and the ever evolving social media world. I will personally teach you how to avoid overwhelm and completely rock the online world. You will always be ahead of the game and know what to do next in your business. YOU WILL LEVEL UP + ROCK A BADASS BUSINESS!



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Weekly Worksheets


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Weekly Zoom Calls

Special Guest Experts Throughout the Course

What You'll Get From the

A strong and solid mindset to conquer any challenge that comes your way

Obtainable business strategies for where you currently at in business and how to get to the next step

Reframe your way of thinking to be in constant creation mode


Fast community growth

Create offers that attract new clients and sales


A system to evaluate your numbers and track everything that comes in

Create workshops + webinars that people actually want to join

Blow your competition out of the water with opt-ins that swoon

Knowledge of when and how to expand

Knowledge of when and how to expand

Collaborative partners to expand your network

Base of tools to make business easy and fun

Passion and drive to build a badass business

Strong foundation to repeat the process and stay ahead of the curve

Content strategy that is on point and branded

Strong foundation to repeat the process and stay ahead of the curve

Content strategy that is on point and branded

More clients, sales and cash flow.

Meet the Badass Boss behind the Badass Academy!