Hey Babe! I’m Sam.

Sometimes I’m even known as the glitter bitch. The online world is full of shiny objects and big, bold claims and it's easy to start chasing them and to ignore your own instincts. I envisioned this space to share what I've learned, through both my successes and my failures.

I created it to provide a support system for the future builders - people like you! I'm passionate about what I do. I've been featured in some pretty amazing places like- Now This, LA Weekly, Good Morning LaLaLand and Bold TV.

My biggest and most epic boss moment this far- interviewing Gary Vee and a few other online legends.

However…I’m finding out that our biggest moment is yet to come!



Samantha is a world class communicator and raconteur who has specialized in leading high level masterminds around the world and is ready to bring her skills to YOUR event!

Armed with a passion for supporting women who will become the leaders of tomorrow and truthbombs wrapped in glitter, Samantha draws on her own experiences - both the successes and the failures - to connect with her audience in the most authentic way possible.

Her story is a familiar one for women entrepreneurs, creators and world-changers everywhere, filled with struggles and triumphs. From being featured on Good Morning LaLaLand and Bold TV, to interviewing the legendary Gary Vee (!), Sam doesn't talk AT audiences, she draws them into the narrative, helping them to understand a simple truth - the greatest story of their lives is the one yet to be written!

Warning: Booking Samantha as a speaker at your event will result in inspired hearts, blown minds and a trail of glitter a mile long!

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"I’m on a personal mission to encourage the whole damn planet to stop looking at all the amazing things everyone else is doing, and start crushing on their own lives. 

I spent years living in that why me mentality. Stuck looking at everyone’s live and wondering how they did ‘it’. In fact, I even walked out of a grocery store once, leaving behind a cart of groceries, because I felt so uncomfortable.

When I stopped looking around and I dug deep inside of me, everything shifted. When I learned to love my entire being, the flaws, the self doubt, AND all the things that made me ME, my life took a 180.

I left that crappy 9-5 where I made a whopping $13 an hour. I started my own online business, built an amazing global network and so much more. While I’ve had my share of failures, I’ve always been able to fail forward."




  • Becoming and transforming into your own GIRL CRUSH!

  • Body love and body positivity.

  • Systems: Sam’s built an epic business and can teach you how to create lead gens, build your audience AND hello…social content queen!

  • Suicide and mental health.

  • Glitter: Finding the magic in everyday life.

  • Goal setting.

  • Mental mindset.

Sam believes the world just really needs more love and she’s on a mission to spread it! It’s as simple and as amazing as that!



Samantha has been featured in several amazing places around the world and across the internet! Apart from her days as the editor of Badassery Mag, she’s been featured in:



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