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My path to here wasn't a straight one (are they ever?) nor was it paved in sunshine and rainbows. I got married at 19, dropped out of college and had a baby, and destroyed my own self worth and existence. I've been suicidal and I’ve stared down the "big black dog" of depression more times than I can count.

On the other hand... I've also had the privilege of working with countless women who are creating the future, online and off. I've been featured on NowThis, The Daily Vee, Bold TV and numerous interviews and podcasts. Every damn day I'm inspired by women who are rising up, putting community before competition, and it's for them... for YOU... that I created The Samantha Parker.


Celeste Campbell, CReative Ninja

Hi I’m Celeste, and I've always dreamed of being a superhero! Whenever I read an adventure story or watch an action movie, I get so excited and I want to do whatever it takes to save the world. (The Avengers haven't called yet, but I'll be ready when they do!)

In the meantime, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I love creating creative and colorful artwork that adds value to businesses and to peoples' lives. I've designed logos for various companies, and I'm currently working on writing and illustrating a children's book.

I recently graduated from Dixie State University and received a Bachelors of Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design!


Samantha Parker, Founder (obvi…)

Samantha here, the brains and heart of this operation. I built this business on the belief that being successful in this world is all about believing that you're capable of far more than you can imagine. That belief must come from within, but it's reinforced by the people you surround yourself with.

The online world is full of shiny objects and big, bold claims and it's easy to start chasing them and to ignore your own instincts. I created The Samantha Parker to share what I've learned, through both my successes and my failures. I created it to provide a support system for the future builders - people like you.

I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Communications, emphasizing on technology.


Melanie Baxendale, Head Marketing GUru

Melanie is a marketing professional with 15 years experience in the industry. Coming from a variety of fields in the marketing world working for such companies as Xerox and Komatsu. She decided to create her own emphasis in the industry + become an entrepreneur in 2015. although she is a jack of all trades in marketing. She takes her strong passion for strategy + branding to help build other entrepreneurs and businesses. She loves to see others succeed + is a firm believer of there being enough success to go around for all willing to work for it.

She received her b.s. in business marketing from the University of Utah, and an M.B.A.. with marketing emphasis from Marylhurst University.