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Meet Samantha Parker, founder of the digital marketing company, TheSquadMarketing.com 

"I built this business on the belief that being successful in this world is all about believing that you're capable of far more than you can imagine. That belief must come from within, but it's reinforced by the people you surround yourself with. 

The online world is full of shiny objects and big, bold claims and it's easy to start chasing them and to ignore your own instincts. I created this space to share what I've learned, through both my successes and my failures. I created it to provide a support system for the future builders - people like you". 

Obligatory Facts:
I have a degree in Communications with a focus on technology, so I can hold my own in the digital and online world. I've been running a successful online business for over five years now, which is like a million in internet years. My business is profitable and growing steadily, thanks to my content strategy ninja-skills, strong community and value-first mentality.

I'm passionate about what I do. I've been featured in some pretty amazing places like- Now This, LA Weekly, Good Morning LaLaLand and Bold TV. My biggest and most epic boss moment this far- interviewing Gary Vee and a few other online legends. 

You can find we all over the web @thesamanthaparker and hanging out in my global Facebook group, The Girl Squad. Plus over @girlsquadseries!

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Ally is a virtual assistant & all-around jane-of-all-trades in admin, who took her 15 years of office and executive assistant experience and turned it into an online business. While she only jumped on to the entrepreneur train in 2019, she has always had dreams of owning her own business. Now Ally runs her own virtual assistant agency and trains others how to do what she does.

Ally loves all things office supplies – cause really who doesn’t? And enjoys learning new platforms to help her clients make their goals a reality.

When she isn’t knocking tasks off clients’ to-do lists, Ally is generally cooking (for a small army), wrangling her 2 boys, or can be found on her neighbor’s porch chatting with a glass of wine or beer in hand.

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Kelli is a creative genius who went from a Master’s in Social Work graduate to an Instagram Queen.

She loves connecting with people, and helping people be successful in their businesses. Kelli doesn’t like to turn down a new opportunity and being self-taught, she works hard until she has mastered the new skill.In her free time, Kelli loves to travel and explore the world, all while posting her newest photo on Instagram #adventure! She recently got back from living in the jungles of Thailand working at an Elephant Sanctuary, followed by teaching English in a school in Cambodia. You best believe she had some sick photos from those trips!She believes that life should be exciting and full of adventure.

She works every day to help clients achieve that in their lives as well.

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Mackenzie is a writer and content creator, which is just as well, because his secondary career choice - professional Margaret Thatcher impersonator - has been... less than successful. He is self-taught as a writer and content creator, and credits his success to clean living, a lifelong obsession with books and being bitten by a radioactive thesaurus when he was child. He became an entrepreneur in 2014, determined to help fellow business owners connect with their audiences in a more human way. He believes 1+1=3, the future is most assuredly female and he has been known to - with full awareness of his actions and with no regard for public safety or even human decency - end sentences with a preposition.

He regrets nothing.